Do you pickup and deliver?

Yes, will pickup and deliver our emergency walk-in coolers at your specified address within the Greater Charleston area. Long range deliveries may require an extra charge. 

How is my rental walk-in cooler powered?

Each walk-in cooler is powered by a generator that is not reliant on electricity. That makes our rentals great for power outages or complete walk-in cooler failure. It's also perfect for event venues where refrigeration is limited or non-existent.

How quickly can I get a rental in case of emergency?

We are available 24/7 for emergency rentals. So, if your walk-in cooler fails in the middle of the night, we can get one over quickly upon availability.

Do you repair and replace walk-in coolers?

We do both. If your walk-in is repairable, we will do our best to get you running as quickly as possible. If it is not, we can install a new walk-in cooler for you and provide a temporary cooler, so you don't lose product.

What other services do you offer?

We offer heating and air repair, service and installation and we have done so for over 14 years  in the Lowcountry. Our quality work and reputation have made Carolina Comfort Specialists the go to leader for HVAC services.

Is there a rental agreement?

Yes, we do have  standard rental agreement that you will need to sign upon delivery.